Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hypnosis...Ideas for Some MP3's

I'm working on some new hypnosis mp3's. I have several good ideas I'm working on right now but I also need some more material to work with. I would be delighted to hear your suggestions. If you have an idea share it. I may use it in one of my mini series.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's Been a While

It has been a while since I posted anything. Sometimes life catches us off guard. Thats what happened with Mistress. I had a flood in my home and my car got jumped backwards. Resulting in months of repair and maintenance. Finally have some semblance of normality in life again.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Dream I had around Halloween Last Year....

It was the day before Halloween and we were out in the yard admiring the work we had done as far as decorating. It was magnificent, dungeon scenes with monsters, spider webs, grave yards, the works! The inside of the house was decorated for the yearly 7 day event we held. Every year we hosted a Haunted House for people to have fun. They got a tour through the house and a maze out in the back yard. People drove hundreds of miles to come to this event. Thought the years it got bigger and bigger and we managed to employ all together 45 people. Actors and Actresses staff to take tickets and cash, security to make sure that there was nothing broken and no one got hurt and guides to help people through the house and maze. The Haunted House had been featured in Local and National Newspapers and Magazines.

 You came up behind me and whispered in my ear, "Your toy has done his best for you Mistress! Do the Decorations please you?" This sent shivers down my spine and turned me on instantly. I turn around and you held me in your arms I lightly kissed up and down your neck and whispered back to you, "You always do your best, My precious toy." Then I sunk my teeth into your neck for a moment. I felt you grab onto me tightly and instantly get hard form the tease. Then I took you by the hand and we walked towards the house.

"Come on, we have a six hours before the Haunted House starts. I have a few things planned today before we open our doors to the public. I want us to have some time together before we get very busy, at the end of the night I will be spent and won't have any energy but to climb the stairs and go to bed. I want this to be our best haunted house ever!"

We walked into the house, you closed the door behind me. You instantly took off all your clothes and got on all fours and crawled to my side. I looked down and smiled at you my blue eyes sparkling at you. I grabbed you by your hair and stand you up, and started to kiss you, getting you excited. Feeling your hardness against me I am immediately turned on again and ready to play. You start by taking my boots off, one at a time gently and carefully, making sure not to twist anything. Then you stand up and start to unbutton my blouse exposing my breasts you slowly and gently lick them and kiss them. Making me even more turned on than before. You ask me if you can continue.

"Yes, my precious toy, you may continue." Gently and carefully you finish taking off my blouse all the way. Nibbling on my neck blowing in my ear making me wetter than I was when you started. Reaching back with one skilled hand and undoing my bra so that my beautiful full breasts were now fully exposed to you. You get down on your knees and cup my breast and start to lick the nipple and blow on it making it hard. Rotating between the two never neglecting either. One in your mouth the other in your hand. Making me moan in pleasure. I stop you and say, "We can go to the basement. where you can better serve me and we won't mess up this part of the house. I would hate to have to discipline you for messing something up." Giving you an evil grin. "I am sure that you would just do it to be punished. To feel my hands on your body"

I pull you to the basement door my hands still wrapped in your hair. You get the door for me and I let go of your hair to start down the stairs. Reaching back with my hand I grab your hard cock and give it a squeeze making sure that my nails dig in. Hearing you hiss and go rigid for a moment before following me below. We descend the stairs and come into a wide opened finished basement. This is where we play and sleep during the Halloween Haunted House event. On the one side is our play area with all the things you made for me.  From my punishment perch to the St Andrew's Cross many other items you hand made. Including the toilet, the object that started it all. The thing I first marked you with the thing than made you Mine. On the other side is a queen size bed where I sleep with you under the bed at night. There are candles and a nightstand as well. The perfect set up so not to disturb the Haunted House theme.

Turning around I face you and smile, "This is what I enjoy most abut you my precious toy, your ability to create things and make things. You have amazing skills." Then I begin to kiss you teasing you gently stroking my nails up and down your face making you shudder with anticipation. "You are going to give me the best tongue fucking you have ever given me. If I don't at least cum four times, then I would hate to be you." We walk over to the bed and I sit on the edge of it. You kneel down in front of me and unbutton my pants and unzip them. Gently pulling them off me and revealing that I had worn a lace thong. You carefully and gently take them off of me and begin kissing my inner thighs licking kissing and teasing me.  I finally can take no more and guide your head to my warm sweet pussy. As your tongue begins to slide around I wrap my legs around your head and pull you deep into me. Stripping you of the ability to breathe.

As you realize this a bit of panic makes your body stiffen just for a moment. Then furiously you continue to lick and tongue fuck me. I begin to cum and relax my grip on you giving you the ability to breathe once more. "Mmmm. That is one down and at least three more to go.." I close my eyes and let you continue to show me how obedient you are. As waves of pleasure take me to greater heights. I wrench your neck and make you moan as another orgasm hit me hard. I relax a little and ease up on your neck as you feverishly now continue to eat me. Suddenly I feel it coming on I begin to shake a little as I am about to have my biggest orgasm so far. I wrench your neck with my legs wrapped around you. I buck because it feels so good. I cry out and thrash about not letting go of you. Then I cum hard into your hungry mouth. I finally relax again and the slightest flick of your tongue at this point will make me cum again and you do. Finally I unhook my legs and release you from my grip.

I lift your face and look deeply into your eyes. You reach up to touch me and I pull you on top of me. I feel your cock hard and throbbing. I kiss you keeping you close to me. I nibble on your ears and whisper in them grinding on you making you harder than ever. I bite and kiss your neck sending you into a frenzy. I whisper in your ear, "Oh you have pleased me so much, put yourself in me." You take and thrust into me. My body stiffens for a moment form the feeling of being filled with your cock. I immediately start to move my hips and take you in deeper clawing at your back drawing blood. I know the darker more sadistic urges are coming forth. All of a sudden I feel it the urge is too strong. Without taking you out of me I am on top of you riding you hard. feeling your penis deep inside me. I look down at you and suddenly slap you over and over. I don't stop myself  from letting the darkness take me.

As I ride you I drag my nails down your chest and make you moan in pleasure and in pain. The scratches soon become obvious welts, as you keep thrusting into me. Each thrust makes me moan and cum more and more. I grab a candle and pour the liquid wax all over your chest as I do this I rub it into the scratches. This makes you thrust even harder and more aggressively, I grab your hands and put them on my breasts for you to hold onto and play with. After a while I get off  your cock and walk to the punishment perch.

you get up off the bed hot sweaty horny and crawl to your Mistress. "Lean over the perch My toy, I am going to cane you and draw blood." You obey and I lock you into place coil back and strike out  twice. There are 2 very bright red very blistering over with blood welts on your ass as they very slowly begin to drip blood. I reach and touch myself and and smear my cum on your wounds making you scream out in pain. I touch your ass and grab your cock  through your open legs and begin stroking it for you. "Wait here do not move, I will be  back in a moment." I walk over to the table with the lit candle on it, pick it up and bring it over to the perch. I slowly drip the wax on your  blistering bleeding wounds filled with my cum. Watching your body tense up moan and cry out.

I slowly unlock you from the perch and and have you follow me back to the bed. Where I take and and lay down at the end of the bed and tell you  to rim me. I say to you with a sparkle in my eye, "Make it shine like a new pair of leather boots. I don't want to have to tell you twice. You won't be sitting for a month." I smile at you and  let you get to work. I feel you spreading my luscious cheeks apart exploring kissing and probing with your tongue. Making me moan with pleasure and delight. You continue until you are sure it is perfect. I slide up further onto the bed and tell you to join me.

We lay there you holding me close, I close my eyes and breathe in and out. Focusing on the darkness that has taken a hold of me. Oh how you inspire me to be as cruel and sadistic as I can be. I reach behind me and grab on to you scrotum and give it a tug and a twist. You grab me tightly out of surprise and pain and cry out. I can still feel your hard cock pressed on me and I become wet again. I begin to rub my delicious bottom on your rock solid cock making it throb. You hold me tightly and close, I reach behind me and find your cock digging my nails into it. You hiss from the pain that goes through you as I guide it back into my tight wet pussy. You slide in with ease and start to thrust into me with  long even strokes getting deeper and deeper with each thrust making me moan and back into you more to feel you deeper inside.

I wrap your arms around my shoulders so you have leverage and can get into me deeper still, I arch my back so you get deeper still. I feel you about to reach your orgasm. I feel your body stiffen and start to shudder, you are very close. I feel you give a final deep thrust then you cum inside me. I can feel it warm thick and inside me where my toy belongs deep inside me in every way possible.

I slide to the end of the bed and tell you, "You have to clean up the mess you made, you are going to lick my cunt clean my precious toy." and obediently you follow orders. You lap at my puss with dedication and with a hunger. You were built to please me. Your only function and relief is to bend to my every wish, whim, and desire. As you eat me out I hold your head running my fingers through your hair more and more turned on by my my precious toy, "Oh how God, the heavens, and angels must envy us." I scream as I begin to cum once more into your mouth you don't stop. Moaning ad crying out waves of orgasm hit me, I am in heaven when you please me. There is nothing better than having you give to me your mind, body, and soul. Suddenly I sit up.

"Only two more hours until the staff starts to arrive for the event. Damn, I can't wait till this night is through. Just one more day until, this is all over and we are done for yet another season." You look up at me with those beautiful eyes and say, "Mistress, everything is taken care of between your precious toy, and the staff you do not need to worry over anything." I look down at you and smile. "Oh my precious, precious toy, you know I have confidence in you, the staff are just hired they can not understand the importance. No matter  how clever or bright they are they don't understand what it is to have this..." You gently smile and put you head in my lap as I stroke your head. We stay there for a moment and in the beautiful quiet I can hear us both breathing. Just breathing taking in one another.

Then my eyes fluttered open and I was awake.....

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Masochist Proves His Desire to Serve....

On April 14, 2014, in the wee hours of the morning, I was witness to something that I can only guess many don't see. It was probably one of the most painfully delicious and delightful scenes I had ever experienced. The sadist inside me was screaming like a banshee, however my outward appearance was that of a big grin on my face. I could not have come up with a better way for someone to show their utter compliance and loyalty to the cause of serving me.

Most of those who serve me don't realize I have a nasty sadistic streak and love to indulge it on a regular basis. Sadly I am usually unable to with sessions because most can not have marks that linger or are semi permanent. Happily sometimes a person will come along and feed it from time to time. Thus helping me sedate it at any rate. I enjoy giving physical pain and discomfort more than most could guess. It is a major turn on factor for me and want nothing more that to see it, and be a part of it, or even the cause of it.

There were two 2x4's screwed together to create a clamping device. In that device were driven four nails. Two on the top and two on the bottom, staggered a bit apart form each other. Thus creating a row of tiny spike like teeth on which something would surely be impaled. I immediately knew what was going to go into that device.

I instructed him to place his balls and penis on the device and he did so. It took a minute or two to position himself the camera and the device. Once he clamped it down and began screwing it together he let out a scream. As he did this my eyes widened and my heart started to race. Instantly I was turned on by this. Watching as the boards came closer and closer together. This all but took maybe a minute to happen.

He was bleeding and in pain he loosened the device and I saw blood. My reaction was immediate I was grinning and was in a puddle. He had truly shown me his desire to come and serve me. For sure I will allow him to join me to be my toy and plaything.

Not everyone can appreciate this sort of thing. However it is certainly the way to catch my attention. You did very well my precious toy keep it up. Soon you will be here serving and worshiping me.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Reviews from subs and slaves

My name is carlo,
 i am submissive male living in western NY.  i've had the opportunity to serve Mistress Neferia both online and in person.  She is a creative and safe Dominant who knows what She is doing in all respects.  She controls quietly and firmly.  She has a sexy way about Her that makes a male want to obey and follow Her lead.  If you are a real person, who is looking for a kinky relationship, i recommend Mistress Neferia.  She can carry on an intelligent conversation, she dresses classy, and is easy on the eyes.
Although it is quite a distance to go visit Her, it is a big treat for me and i hope to see Her often in 2014.


If you seeking the absolute best anal play ever, visit Miss Neferia Mortiss- Josie CD

I enjoyed worshiping your sexy body and taking every inch of your strap-on up my chubby ass. I look forward to pleasing you again soon!
Piggy drew

Mistress Neferia has the unique ability to get into my mind and reach deep into my soul is unnerving sometimes. She can be amazingly sweet and encouraging when trying something new. Then She can be cold cruel sadistic and calculating pushing me hard when She wants. I love Her, fear Her and want to be Her slave.
d. t.- hypno bitch

I AM YOURS MISTRESS NEFERIA..Give Her a call She Will Own U She is the real Deal. Waiting for my collar,good boys wait and sever, anyway Mistress want!

i don't every write reviews but gentlemen you have had the rest now have the best and bow to mistress!

 Miss Neferia is sadistic and cruel She always knows how to humiliate worthless pigs. She will get to know you and then exploit you. It is such a turn on she has all the right moves She is clever and cunning. Don't let Her kind demeanor fool you She will get into your head and bring you to your knees. Begging for mercy or craving more. She knows how to amaze and subdue a submissive/slave. i adore Her. i can only hope to be Her willing subject any time She desires.
centimeter peter

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sweet Pantie Loving Cuckold Brandy

Look at this sweet pantie loving little cuckold. Doesn't She look absolutely delightful in her pretty little pink panties she has affectionately named "Pinkie." She is looking sharp and dressed to the nines in her fancy little panties. She was in DC and bought them when she called me and asked me if she should buy them. When I told her to purchase them, I half way thought that she would not go through with it and buy them. To my extreme delight she did.

All cucky Brandy needs now is to buy a little corset to accentuate her little man titties. Make them full and ready to be put in a bra to contain them from flopping everywhere.Think how magnificent the little cucky will look in her little dainty outfit. How glamorous she will look with a nice little mini skirt, pantyhose, a nice little blouse and some high heels.

Here we see little Brandy giving us a nice rear view of her ample ass. With a little more training and a lot more dedication to her role as a cucky she will blossom and grow into the next sweet piece of ass in Mistresses world. I think we need t encourage little brandy to continue to buy underwear and outfits. That will put her on the right course to being my perfect little cuckold.