Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Intelligent Subs

There is nothing sexier in my mind than an intellectual submissive. It keeps me on my toes and shows the more creative side of my domination. I talked to a darling of a submissive today and wow. He made me think. Not only that he knew how to articulate and it was a rush. He shared my love of animals and enjoyed my company.

I cant express how much  I as a dominant hate talking to someone who does not read my profile and asks obvious questions that are already answered there. This submissive knew my profile knew what i did for a living and didn't ask the caveman questions I usually get. What a frickin breath of fresh air.

I want to know him as a person and as a submissive. He actually genuinely intrigues me. You know who you are.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My King Wimpy Loser

Yes this is another post regarding the most delightful wimpy loser of them all My King of the wimpy losers. Worlds biggest loser is so pathetic he is paying me a sum of money for wearing dirty argyle socks for a week. Oh my God if that weren't enough this pathetic spineless loser wants to sleep with them so he is as close to Mistress as possible. He will become addicted to my socks. I am going to take all the money, I can from this spineless wimp. The sad thing is he knows he is already addicted to me. He can't help himself. He knows the more he buys from me the more they are going to cost him. He is so willingly deep into my web. I want him to crave the socks as much if not more than he craves to talk to me.

A real man who is anything but a spineless little pathetic loser would never be so sorry. I adore the fact he opens his wallet and pays me to be such a spineless little piggy. It is epic how such a loser exists. I can barely express the disgust in such a pathetic spineless loser he is. The king loser is meant to work and give his money to ME. I am meant to spend his hard earned money and laugh all the way to the bank. This slave is meant to be my spineless little wimpy loser. I AM far superior and deserve every penny plus more form him.

Anyways its losers like that that bring me the most satisfaction. Knowing i control their wallets and they so willingly give to me. Its Delicious and so Delightful.

Monday, October 29, 2012

What The Hell is the Matter with Some People

What the hell is the matter with some people. If you don't like what you see move on. I can't express how stupid and ignorant some people are. They insult people for no reason other than to gain their own self satisfaction of some sort. It can be down right devastion to someone.  The truth is this simply I don't want to hear your pathetic little insults towards me. If you are an adult act like one. I am comfortable in my own skin. I dont care if you dont wish to look upon me. Move on simply move on.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Dinner on the Wimpy Loser

Today was a delightful day off. I am often confronted with different issues during my day. Today however there was not one confrentation or problem. It is a rare treat when I don't feel like beating someone senseless because of their actions or lack there of out in public. Sometimes I find the Dominant personality in me comes out in public. I however need to reign in these feelinf=gs and words. I forget that not everyone understasnds where I am coming from.
Well any way on to my little bit of praise. There is a spineless wimpy loser in my life now that is my slave and adores me like the Goddess I am. This slave is the essence of a wimp if not the definition of the word. He sent me money a couple of days ago. So as I told him what I was going to do I went out with a Girlfriend of mine. We went out and had a delicious Dinner on him.  I told her about this wimp and she couldnt beleieve that there was a guy or more than one guy out there that adore the feelings of being used and abused.
She damn near fell out of her seat when I told her all the things this spineless little loser did for me. She said to me I must have a silver tongue or that I was putting out to him. I had to laugh the truth is he is hundreds of miles away from where I am at. Also why would I ever put out to a spineless Pathetic Loser like him. I only let real men within 3 feet of me that is ifI am looking to have any sort of sexual action with them.
However we had some drinks some laughs and I decidid after all this to start a new photo shoot. I had a delightful time wearing my one of my corsets. As a reward for that pitiful spinelss loser to look upon me and realize what a beautiful and delicious Mistress he has. Off to the races...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Lament from a slave that Disobeyed Mistress

One outside of the scene will look at this with perhaps shock, contempt, or disgust. It is much like any other type of relationship in our modern society. It is based on the simple foundations of any relationship. Honesty, Trust, and Love/Admiration.

Honesty is the first foundation in a relationship. This is something that every good solid relationshionship is based on including a TRUE Dominant and slave/submissive relationship. In society as a people we want people to be honest with us. We have a very basic want/need for others we interact with to not lie to us. We try very hard not to offend the people we surround ourselves with. Yes we all tell little "white" lies, in hopes to not to offend a person or offend a persons beliefs in a certain religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation. Sometimes the lies get out of hand and are no longer manageable and force or what we perceive to be force us to make lies to cover the other lies.

In a TRUE Dominant slave/submissive relationship there are no little white lies. It is brutal honesty. From getting to know the slave/submissive to getting to know the Mistress. The do's and dont's down to the last detail. There is a refreshing feel to this that so many relationships lack.

Trust is the second foundation in a relationship. This is something that every good solid relationshionship is based on including a Dominant and slave/submissive relationship. In society as a people we want people to be able to trust us, as well as trust others. We try so hard as a society to trust another person. However we sometimes expect others to trust us immediately. Trust does take time energy and an actual want to have trust in another human being.

In a TRUE Dominant slave/submissive relationship we learn each others limits. As a Mistress I take those limits and help the slave/submissive exceed and go beyond what he or she thought possible. The trust that is built by doing this makes each one in the relationship try new and different things. Another part of the trust is anonymity for some this is not an issue. There is a great deal of trust not to out a person because it can affect their job, life, family and friends. Not to forget depending on what the agreements between Mistress and slave/submissive are anonymity may or may not be important.

Love/Admiration is the third foundation in a relationship.This is something that every good solid relationship is based on including a Dominant and slave/submissive relationship. In society as a people we want people to love/admire us as well as to be able to love/admire another person. Without the  first two items in this trio we can never hope to achieve love/admiration from anyone, including ourselves.

In a TRUE Dominant slave/submissive relationship we learn to have love/admiration for one another. Whether the Dominant admits it or not at the very least there is admiration for the slave/submissive weather it is a conscious or subconscious admission. Dependant on the relationship there may even be love. For me personally as a Mistress I admire my slaves and submissives. Why you may ask do I admire them it is simply this, without slave/submissive I would have no purpose as a Dominant. They are the reason we exist. They are the reason I love my job and what I choose to do as a profession.

So now that I have said all this I will get to the point of this blog post. This is an essay composed by Joe L. a young submissive I have taken under my wing. He has foolishly neglected to remember his place as my submissive. This is part of his punishment that I post his apology for public eyes to see. Doing this may seem cruel to the average person however any Dominant knows that it helps improve the Dominant submissive/slave dynamic. It reminds them of their place in the relationship and helps them to keep on track.

  I’m writing the essay, because it was a punishment assigned to me by my Mistress. I was not prepared with my panties to please the Mistress. I did not do the tasks assigned to ..

me by the Mistress. When the Mistress asked me if I had done the tasks, I just told her, and she was furious. I have been a disobedient slave. My behavior was unforgivable. I must now learn the lesson.

This punishment will teach me that it’s not OK to displease the Mistress. Essays drill an idea into your head more than anything. The idea that I am not allowed to fail the Mistress or let her down. It is disrespectful to the Mistress. Writing an essay is a great way for me to learn lessons, and have a punishment really sunk into this thick skull of mine. This punishment is fitting, because I really hate essays, and I know how much Mistress hates me displeasing her. Mistress was right to punish me so harshly, I need to learn my lesson, and keep doing exactly what the Mistress has ordered me to.

I have been acting disobedient, and rudely towards her. This is wrong for so many reasons. She is my superior, and always will be. She treats me with love as her pet, and she deserves respect back.

I will be a better slave for my Mistress from now on. I will do everything that I have been asked to. No more will I be an irresponsible slave. I will be the best pet I can be. From now on, I will always show Mistress nothing but pure respect and honesty. She could disown me anytime she wants, so I need to give her a slave worth keeping.

All I have is desire to be obedient and serve Mistress. The reasoning behind my misbehavior was negligence. This is not good for how Mistress wants me to act. I don’t want to be a disrespectful slave.

I feel that a really hard spanking, and a lot of humiliation should be given to me to teach me a lesson. A slave should behave like a perfect little toy for their Mistress. A slave shouldn’t have a choice, only an action. A slave should respect Mistress at all times, and keep her happy in any way they can. I need to start acting more like a pet for Mistress, and less of a trouble-maker. All that really matters, is that Mistress gets what she wants. All that matters, is that Mistress is happy, and that I’m at her feet begging to entertain her.

My Mistress is a great Dom. She can make me feel humiliated and used. She can also make me feel loved, and secure. Mistress expects me to treat her with respect, and obey her, and she deserves it.

Mistress has a lot of power over me. I feel compelled to follow her requests. She is a big part of my life now, and I need to respect that. As a Dom, Mistress is definitely what I am looking for in a s/m relationship. Mistress always knows what is best for me.

The lesson of respect is without doubt the stream of wisdom satiating and underlying every act of the Universal law – in fact to the ordinary onlooker witnessing the exchange between Mistress and slave, the more they becomes aware of the emanating respect… the more they realise the significance, the virtuous nature of the exchange, that in itself reveals the depth in which Master and slave understand their responsibility. And respect is the cause for which the slave does not refer to their Mistress by name.

Some things are eternal signatures, signposts, of the cause for which the dance of domination and submission exists. To refer to the ruler of your soul as Master or Mistress is to keep in the forefront of your every intent the fluid lucidity of your surrender. Respect is what makes mankind cherish their existence. Respect is what teaches you not only to have the cake, but enjoy it. It is that which garnishes with translucent affection the quality of love. Respect is the most necessary ingredient in life, and for most of us, that which is dreadfully missed. We cannot enjoy the quiet walks, we cannot enjoy the sunsets, the people around us, the good and bad alike, we cannot cherish the land on which we live, the resources we so languidly exhaust, the monuments that represent our identity. We are lost because we have forgotten the meaning of respect.

I, Joe L., will never again displease the Mistress. I will follow every instruction of my Mistress word by word.