Friday, December 21, 2012

Some New Pictures and Some Thoughts

Well it is a few days till christmas. I  have truely been blessed this year with wonderful subs and slaves. I have met and chatted with some great new friends. I lok forward to the coming new year. The possibilities are endless and the play is limitless.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Slave Kris Kaspersky

Here we see the little pain slut Kris Kaspersky taking a beautiful glass dildo up his ass. He looks so comfotable with that giant dildo up there hope he doest fart it out.

Here is the little ananl slut proudly holding up his glass dildo getting himself prepared to put his gaping asshole.

It is up and deep inside the asshole how I enjoy a slave that can take a big glass dildo

Kris Kaspersky Enjoying a nice refreshing stream of warm piss. Watch him guzzle piss as the ladies laugh!!

Inserting a butt pug if you watch closely it is hand sanitizer and not lube. That my friends stings. And Kris takes it like a champion lol

The butt plug just gave way lol!!!