Sunday, March 9, 2014

Reviews from subs and slaves

My name is carlo,
 i am submissive male living in western NY.  i've had the opportunity to serve Mistress Neferia both online and in person.  She is a creative and safe Dominant who knows what She is doing in all respects.  She controls quietly and firmly.  She has a sexy way about Her that makes a male want to obey and follow Her lead.  If you are a real person, who is looking for a kinky relationship, i recommend Mistress Neferia.  She can carry on an intelligent conversation, she dresses classy, and is easy on the eyes.
Although it is quite a distance to go visit Her, it is a big treat for me and i hope to see Her often in 2014.


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I enjoyed worshiping your sexy body and taking every inch of your strap-on up my chubby ass. I look forward to pleasing you again soon!
Piggy drew

Mistress Neferia has the unique ability to get into my mind and reach deep into my soul is unnerving sometimes. She can be amazingly sweet and encouraging when trying something new. Then She can be cold cruel sadistic and calculating pushing me hard when She wants. I love Her, fear Her and want to be Her slave.
d. t.- hypno bitch

I AM YOURS MISTRESS NEFERIA..Give Her a call She Will Own U She is the real Deal. Waiting for my collar,good boys wait and sever, anyway Mistress want!

i don't every write reviews but gentlemen you have had the rest now have the best and bow to mistress!

 Miss Neferia is sadistic and cruel She always knows how to humiliate worthless pigs. She will get to know you and then exploit you. It is such a turn on she has all the right moves She is clever and cunning. Don't let Her kind demeanor fool you She will get into your head and bring you to your knees. Begging for mercy or craving more. She knows how to amaze and subdue a submissive/slave. i adore Her. i can only hope to be Her willing subject any time She desires.
centimeter peter