Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sweet Pantie Loving Cuckold Brandy

Look at this sweet pantie loving little cuckold. Doesn't She look absolutely delightful in her pretty little pink panties she has affectionately named "Pinkie." She is looking sharp and dressed to the nines in her fancy little panties. She was in DC and bought them when she called me and asked me if she should buy them. When I told her to purchase them, I half way thought that she would not go through with it and buy them. To my extreme delight she did.

All cucky Brandy needs now is to buy a little corset to accentuate her little man titties. Make them full and ready to be put in a bra to contain them from flopping everywhere.Think how magnificent the little cucky will look in her little dainty outfit. How glamorous she will look with a nice little mini skirt, pantyhose, a nice little blouse and some high heels.

Here we see little Brandy giving us a nice rear view of her ample ass. With a little more training and a lot more dedication to her role as a cucky she will blossom and grow into the next sweet piece of ass in Mistresses world. I think we need t encourage little brandy to continue to buy underwear and outfits. That will put her on the right course to being my perfect little cuckold.