Friday, November 30, 2012

My How the Times Have Changed Since My First Session

My how the times have changed since my first session. I remember I had been so nervous and actually scared. How would the submissive like me. Was I truly ready for such an experience. I remember my palm sweat and I felt faint. But soon I realized that he was just as nervous of me and what I would do to him. Somehow that made me feel less sick to the stomach and more curious.

It started out with a few nervous shaky commands that elicited an immediate response from the submissive. His understanding that he was my first, and possibly my last if I could not make it through the hour and a half, put me at ease. He followed my commands and took every strike of my crop with ease and thankfulness. He made my confidence sky rocket with every slap crack and pop of my crop on his bare flesh.

He then through time helped me become quite fond of using submissives as ash trays and  putting my butts out on their bodies and making them eat the butts. He introduced the industrial cling wrap for pallets to me and I have been hooked lol. I remember so fondly the things I learned with him and with others. I can only hope this continues to happen as I evolve and grow as a Mistress and as a person.

Still today when I try something I am not nearly as skilled with I do have a tendency to still get the jitters and still become a bit nervous. However I need to allow myself to evolve and grow as any other person does in a changing world. I look forward to the new adventures to come.

I don't know why I got to thinking of him today. Perhaps because I am about to embark soon on a trip to visit a slave and I am reminded of how free that one left me feeling every session we had after that first session. When I make this trip to I really think I will experience that freedom I felt so long ago once again.

Shit is About to Geat Real for my Little Puppet

Well shit is about to get truely real for my little puppet.  I have your wife on speed dial. I have your address in hand and I have an itching to make a trip to your place and have a chat with that little cow you call your wife. I can hardly wait to have her in tears and expose your ass to her. Your ruin is near and at hand you have 24 hours to get back to me puppet or you might see me in the next day or so, or should I say your wife will see me. Its lovely where you live this time of year chilly brisk and as cold and dismal just like my little black heart. I am coming for you puppet you are mine!

I am going to fuck you in every hole you have on your body! You are my little puppet bitch you need to comply obey my every whim and desire!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Smoking Piggy Boy

Well, well, well we have a new delightful cast member in the ever evolving world that is Mine. I had such a delightful chat with a little piggy last night that was delightfully sinful. We had a whole lot of Smoking cigarettes and smoking of other cigar like objects. To say the least. There is nothing quite like a little strapon action to get the juices flowing in both men and women.

My little Smoked Piggy took deep inhales and held his smoke in for his Mistress holding it in causing him upon my command to release gasping and panting for the very air that he lacked  in his lungs. Slowly each time making the release longer and more delayed it filled Mistress with delight that he would punish his little smoke filled body to the point of collapse. The gasps filled me with such delight and the thought of pain he must have felt brought me very close to losing control.

The body worship alone was in short detail perfection. The way he described everything down to the last detail in its self was orgasmic and made me wish quite honestly he was serving me at my home. It made me want to choke him out on one of my many strapons it was so hot. So I did do what any Mistress would do take and fuck his face hard with one. He sucked and choked on it so good it made me proud not to mention wet.

Then like a good little piggy slut I turned him around and spread his chubby little ass cheeks. Exposing his pink little pig hole and rubbed the strapon up and down his ass crack to teas him and excite him for the whole 10 inches that he was going to take all the way to the balls. Then Mistress slowly poked and prodded his pig hole making him oink and squeal. Then Mistress thrust the strapon in causing the pigs asshole to clench and pucker. All the while the pig squealed and oinked. Taking each stroke and thrust with the training of a true piggy slut.

After assaulting the pigs asshole, Mistress made the cock hungry pig slut clean the strapon like the hungry slut he was. Licking sucking and slobbering on it to clean it well for his Mistress. Paying close attention the the balls as well. Making sure it was cleaned to perfection.

But wait this isn't my Naughty Confession Line...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekends Are Meant for Fun

If you feel the need to have some fun give me a jingle on any of my lines. I would enjoy some good company and I always enjoy talking.
Mistress Neferia Mortiss

Friday, November 23, 2012

Words And No Action Get a Funny Reaction

Well it has come to my attention that a certain little hypno puppet bitch is talking big and strutting his little pathetic puppet ass around like a peacock trying to lure a peahen. Claiming he can out do my top bitch? Saying he will obliterate him, destroy him and easily out do him. I say good luck. You will need it. Words are cheap actions speak ten times more than words ever will.

He needs to put his money where his mouth is lots of money. He knows he is deep into my web and cannot and will not fail me those are his instructions. My every whim my every desire will be fulfilled. My wants will be gone and he will relish in the sweet agony and in the delightful pain of knowing there will be no way out  not any chance to pull away.

You wanted to be known here it is little hypno bitch puppet. Out do my top bitch knowing you have no power but all you want to do is follow my whims and desires. You want to please your Mistress you are meaningless in any other way to her. The deeper you go the more you want this. You want to be my top bitch so show me and show him who the alpha top bitch is.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New and Older Pictures

These are some new an old pictures that I have had taken in the last few months these are some of the really nice ones that I have.

Thank You

Thank you so very much to all who looked at my bolg last night and helped embarass my slave lol. I hope that you all will cotinue to read my blog and pass along to friends so we can all have a great laugh,

Mistress Neferia Mortiss

My Wimpy King Losser is at it Again

Well my Pathetic Spineless Wimpy King Loser is at it again. Making his way to the tippy top of my good top bitch list. His absolute submission to his splendid Goddess has pleased me so very much in a matter of a few days he has gone and shown his true pathetic and spineless nature. He has truely earned his title and continues to show that he is truely the king. He makes it so clear that I am his hearts desire his only mission to open his wallet and please me in any way possible. What a spineless little loser. He has done well to make me His goddess purr like a kitten. What a delightful delicious loser. He is so pathetic he has to give me his money to make me happy he is less than a man. LOL what a dear sweet loser.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Pics of Blackmail

some more pictures of the subject
tell your friends in the bdsm community

Some Fun Pictures Nothing Racey At All

I Just felt like putting up some fun pictures up today. No real Reason to Just want to have some Fun.

I really like soft lighting photos like this

its kinda cool sometimes the ones with lots of light are rougher looking
It shows a softer side not so blunt and in your face

Isn't Blackmail Fun


Friday, November 9, 2012

A New Little Blackmail Boy Has Joined the Ranks

A new little blackmail loving young man has joined the ranks of my favorites. He want to treat his Goddess to all the things I so deserve. I am curious to know how far he is willing to go. Some go for financial ruin. Others are willing to be a little more responsible. For his sake I do hope that he is able to keep up with my love of gifts and money.

The truth is this I thoroughly enjoy the thrill I get from receiving gifts from my financial slaves. Each individual gift I receive from them is an admission of my dominance over them. Each package a way for them to reach out to me and tell me they are thinking fondly of their Goddess. This was definitely a very good way to reach out and grab My attention.

This young man has engaged my curiosity with him. We will see where this goes but for the moment he has earned himself some sort of recognition. Today Simon went shopping earlier in the day for me bought me a lovely flogger as well as a CBT device. Such lovely choices he made. A little later on in the evening we had a TeamViewer session where he took me shopping from one of my wish lists on Amazon.  He bought his Goddess a lovely hood, along with a set of delightful butt plugs, a cuff and leg shackle set, and finished off with a whip lunge.

I am at the moment very pleased with his desire to keep his Goddess happy. I personally would like to write more entries about Simon. There was a little disappointment in him at first. His persistence and not letting my telling him what I thought of him and his actions deter him. To you Simon I say, “Good show dear good show.”

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Aftermath

Well my little pet losers, wimps, worms, pain sluts, sissies, pay pigs, slaves and submissives the elections are over and its time to do what needs to be done. It comes down to this you either want to celebrate and feel like a useful little pet, or you are upset and need to feel like the pathetic sad little loser to feel better. Which are you today? I truly take no sides in political battles. However I feel for my little pets, winning or losing it matters not.

I am available today for whatever you political mood is so give me a bell.

Mistress Neferia Mortiss