Friday, November 9, 2012

A New Little Blackmail Boy Has Joined the Ranks

A new little blackmail loving young man has joined the ranks of my favorites. He want to treat his Goddess to all the things I so deserve. I am curious to know how far he is willing to go. Some go for financial ruin. Others are willing to be a little more responsible. For his sake I do hope that he is able to keep up with my love of gifts and money.

The truth is this I thoroughly enjoy the thrill I get from receiving gifts from my financial slaves. Each individual gift I receive from them is an admission of my dominance over them. Each package a way for them to reach out to me and tell me they are thinking fondly of their Goddess. This was definitely a very good way to reach out and grab My attention.

This young man has engaged my curiosity with him. We will see where this goes but for the moment he has earned himself some sort of recognition. Today Simon went shopping earlier in the day for me bought me a lovely flogger as well as a CBT device. Such lovely choices he made. A little later on in the evening we had a TeamViewer session where he took me shopping from one of my wish lists on Amazon.  He bought his Goddess a lovely hood, along with a set of delightful butt plugs, a cuff and leg shackle set, and finished off with a whip lunge.

I am at the moment very pleased with his desire to keep his Goddess happy. I personally would like to write more entries about Simon. There was a little disappointment in him at first. His persistence and not letting my telling him what I thought of him and his actions deter him. To you Simon I say, “Good show dear good show.”

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