Monday, November 26, 2012

Smoking Piggy Boy

Well, well, well we have a new delightful cast member in the ever evolving world that is Mine. I had such a delightful chat with a little piggy last night that was delightfully sinful. We had a whole lot of Smoking cigarettes and smoking of other cigar like objects. To say the least. There is nothing quite like a little strapon action to get the juices flowing in both men and women.

My little Smoked Piggy took deep inhales and held his smoke in for his Mistress holding it in causing him upon my command to release gasping and panting for the very air that he lacked  in his lungs. Slowly each time making the release longer and more delayed it filled Mistress with delight that he would punish his little smoke filled body to the point of collapse. The gasps filled me with such delight and the thought of pain he must have felt brought me very close to losing control.

The body worship alone was in short detail perfection. The way he described everything down to the last detail in its self was orgasmic and made me wish quite honestly he was serving me at my home. It made me want to choke him out on one of my many strapons it was so hot. So I did do what any Mistress would do take and fuck his face hard with one. He sucked and choked on it so good it made me proud not to mention wet.

Then like a good little piggy slut I turned him around and spread his chubby little ass cheeks. Exposing his pink little pig hole and rubbed the strapon up and down his ass crack to teas him and excite him for the whole 10 inches that he was going to take all the way to the balls. Then Mistress slowly poked and prodded his pig hole making him oink and squeal. Then Mistress thrust the strapon in causing the pigs asshole to clench and pucker. All the while the pig squealed and oinked. Taking each stroke and thrust with the training of a true piggy slut.

After assaulting the pigs asshole, Mistress made the cock hungry pig slut clean the strapon like the hungry slut he was. Licking sucking and slobbering on it to clean it well for his Mistress. Paying close attention the the balls as well. Making sure it was cleaned to perfection.

But wait this isn't my Naughty Confession Line...

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  1. Thank you for writing such a beautiful post about our call Mistress. I enjoyed worshipping your sexy body and taking every inch of your strapon up my chubby ass. I look forward to pleasing you again soon!