Friday, November 23, 2012

Words And No Action Get a Funny Reaction

Well it has come to my attention that a certain little hypno puppet bitch is talking big and strutting his little pathetic puppet ass around like a peacock trying to lure a peahen. Claiming he can out do my top bitch? Saying he will obliterate him, destroy him and easily out do him. I say good luck. You will need it. Words are cheap actions speak ten times more than words ever will.

He needs to put his money where his mouth is lots of money. He knows he is deep into my web and cannot and will not fail me those are his instructions. My every whim my every desire will be fulfilled. My wants will be gone and he will relish in the sweet agony and in the delightful pain of knowing there will be no way out  not any chance to pull away.

You wanted to be known here it is little hypno bitch puppet. Out do my top bitch knowing you have no power but all you want to do is follow my whims and desires. You want to please your Mistress you are meaningless in any other way to her. The deeper you go the more you want this. You want to be my top bitch so show me and show him who the alpha top bitch is.

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