Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Wimpy King Losser is at it Again

Well my Pathetic Spineless Wimpy King Loser is at it again. Making his way to the tippy top of my good top bitch list. His absolute submission to his splendid Goddess has pleased me so very much in a matter of a few days he has gone and shown his true pathetic and spineless nature. He has truely earned his title and continues to show that he is truely the king. He makes it so clear that I am his hearts desire his only mission to open his wallet and please me in any way possible. What a spineless little loser. He has done well to make me His goddess purr like a kitten. What a delightful delicious loser. He is so pathetic he has to give me his money to make me happy he is less than a man. LOL what a dear sweet loser.

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