Friday, November 30, 2012

My How the Times Have Changed Since My First Session

My how the times have changed since my first session. I remember I had been so nervous and actually scared. How would the submissive like me. Was I truly ready for such an experience. I remember my palm sweat and I felt faint. But soon I realized that he was just as nervous of me and what I would do to him. Somehow that made me feel less sick to the stomach and more curious.

It started out with a few nervous shaky commands that elicited an immediate response from the submissive. His understanding that he was my first, and possibly my last if I could not make it through the hour and a half, put me at ease. He followed my commands and took every strike of my crop with ease and thankfulness. He made my confidence sky rocket with every slap crack and pop of my crop on his bare flesh.

He then through time helped me become quite fond of using submissives as ash trays and  putting my butts out on their bodies and making them eat the butts. He introduced the industrial cling wrap for pallets to me and I have been hooked lol. I remember so fondly the things I learned with him and with others. I can only hope this continues to happen as I evolve and grow as a Mistress and as a person.

Still today when I try something I am not nearly as skilled with I do have a tendency to still get the jitters and still become a bit nervous. However I need to allow myself to evolve and grow as any other person does in a changing world. I look forward to the new adventures to come.

I don't know why I got to thinking of him today. Perhaps because I am about to embark soon on a trip to visit a slave and I am reminded of how free that one left me feeling every session we had after that first session. When I make this trip to I really think I will experience that freedom I felt so long ago once again.

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