Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Masochist Proves His Desire to Serve....

On April 14, 2014, in the wee hours of the morning, I was witness to something that I can only guess many don't see. It was probably one of the most painfully delicious and delightful scenes I had ever experienced. The sadist inside me was screaming like a banshee, however my outward appearance was that of a big grin on my face. I could not have come up with a better way for someone to show their utter compliance and loyalty to the cause of serving me.

Most of those who serve me don't realize I have a nasty sadistic streak and love to indulge it on a regular basis. Sadly I am usually unable to with sessions because most can not have marks that linger or are semi permanent. Happily sometimes a person will come along and feed it from time to time. Thus helping me sedate it at any rate. I enjoy giving physical pain and discomfort more than most could guess. It is a major turn on factor for me and want nothing more that to see it, and be a part of it, or even the cause of it.

There were two 2x4's screwed together to create a clamping device. In that device were driven four nails. Two on the top and two on the bottom, staggered a bit apart form each other. Thus creating a row of tiny spike like teeth on which something would surely be impaled. I immediately knew what was going to go into that device.

I instructed him to place his balls and penis on the device and he did so. It took a minute or two to position himself the camera and the device. Once he clamped it down and began screwing it together he let out a scream. As he did this my eyes widened and my heart started to race. Instantly I was turned on by this. Watching as the boards came closer and closer together. This all but took maybe a minute to happen.

He was bleeding and in pain he loosened the device and I saw blood. My reaction was immediate I was grinning and was in a puddle. He had truly shown me his desire to come and serve me. For sure I will allow him to join me to be my toy and plaything.

Not everyone can appreciate this sort of thing. However it is certainly the way to catch my attention. You did very well my precious toy keep it up. Soon you will be here serving and worshiping me.

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