Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Well Ladies, Gentlemen, girls, and boys,

Well Ladies, Gentlemen, girls, and boys,

Happy New Year To ALL

As 2012 came to a quiet and subtle end I find that I have found some real gems as far as submissives/slaves go. Not only that I have made friends with a few decent Dommes and Doms. I have grown quite fond of you all, I think of each of you as an important intricate part of my life and I value you submission to me and your Advice to help me deal with rough situations.

To my sweet Spineless Wimpy King Loser, I am so glad you know your spot in my world. It is to open your wallet and Fucking pay Me the feelings have when I get a phone call from you brings me such joy and happiness. Kowing you only wish is to keep me happy and Paid has drastically affected me in so many positives ways. I enjoy chatting with you and talking to you. You are my special Spineless Wimpy King Loser. You are a unique and special gemstone (tanzanite)

To my sweet Puppet dee, you introduced me to the fine art and the joys of Hypnosis with you. You have become slowly but surely a diamond in the rough. There is so much more shaping and molding I need to do with you. Even though you walked away for a while you came back to where you know you belong and where everything makes sense and everything is controlled. You have made me very happy and I know you will continue to so my sweet puppet. Another gemstone a (diamond) in the rough.

To my slave Kris, ther are words that cannot begin to describe how wonderful you are. Another Gemstone. Definately an (opal) in my mind. You started by buying some underwear and have helped me poen up my sadistic side. I can hardly wait for the new year to evolve our relationship. You are very dear to me.

To my sub slut doug, I could not imagine my life without your service. You have proven to me there are Precious Gems (Sapphire) in the world. I adore your service and wish that 3/4 of the people on that site were as service oriented as you were. Your wonderful service to me has been note worthy and derserving of recognition. From spanking your balls and to eating and swallowing your cum for me has proven to be so epically hot. I want to make this year bigger and better than last year.

To my sweet, loving, adoring and obedient pet, I have not had this much fun with a female in ages. You have made me open up creatively and emotionally. I couldnt feel more pride and joy in having you fufill assignments for me. You really are a perfect pet in every way a Mistress could hope for. another gem (ruby)

To my new friend Dante, thank you so very much for showing me new and amazing ways to put someone under hypnosis. You truely are fun to work with. I hope that we can continue to work with each other. The tips and tricks you gave me have been so helpful and have brought my hypnosis subs/slaves deeper than they have ever been in their lives. Your the best!! Your gemstone would be (tourmaline)

To my submissive jared. I so enjoyed making the video you requested. I loved talking to you about fucking your mind up and making you my slave. Then as a bonus you sent me a lovely Cristmas gift. The necklace was admired by so may new years day. I really enjoyed the compliments I got from wearing it. you are another gemstone (Black Star Sapphire)

To fivestar I adore you and thank you for our lovely chats your ideas and your energy. I am looking forward to our "escapes" together. I have taken so much from yor words and I know we will be a great force to be reconed with. you are another gemstone (citrine)

To my sweet sweet buddy we have only worked together for a short while. You have blossomed into a wonderful slave for mistress. Your gifts to me are beautiful and hope to recieve many more. I know you will be an awesome slave, and thus far have proved you worthy of me. Another Gemstone (amber)

To my smoking piggy drew, you surely bring Mistress a whole lot of smiles, wether it is giving me a call to be my dirty little strapon piggy slut to buying me a few packs of cigarettes. You surely know how to get the ball rolling and and get mistress going. You definitely are something special. Your a different and beautiful gemstone (emerald)

My Birthday is coming up so it would be great to get some amazon gift cards from serious sub/slaves/ pay pig/ wallet worm/ human atms you can send it to It will be put to good use spoiling your Goddess. Now Lets see how may of you actually have the balls or twat to put your money where your mouth is. I tripple dog dare you!!!

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