Friday, October 26, 2012

Dinner on the Wimpy Loser

Today was a delightful day off. I am often confronted with different issues during my day. Today however there was not one confrentation or problem. It is a rare treat when I don't feel like beating someone senseless because of their actions or lack there of out in public. Sometimes I find the Dominant personality in me comes out in public. I however need to reign in these feelinf=gs and words. I forget that not everyone understasnds where I am coming from.
Well any way on to my little bit of praise. There is a spineless wimpy loser in my life now that is my slave and adores me like the Goddess I am. This slave is the essence of a wimp if not the definition of the word. He sent me money a couple of days ago. So as I told him what I was going to do I went out with a Girlfriend of mine. We went out and had a delicious Dinner on him.  I told her about this wimp and she couldnt beleieve that there was a guy or more than one guy out there that adore the feelings of being used and abused.
She damn near fell out of her seat when I told her all the things this spineless little loser did for me. She said to me I must have a silver tongue or that I was putting out to him. I had to laugh the truth is he is hundreds of miles away from where I am at. Also why would I ever put out to a spineless Pathetic Loser like him. I only let real men within 3 feet of me that is ifI am looking to have any sort of sexual action with them.
However we had some drinks some laughs and I decidid after all this to start a new photo shoot. I had a delightful time wearing my one of my corsets. As a reward for that pitiful spinelss loser to look upon me and realize what a beautiful and delicious Mistress he has. Off to the races...

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