Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My King Wimpy Loser

Yes this is another post regarding the most delightful wimpy loser of them all My King of the wimpy losers. Worlds biggest loser is so pathetic he is paying me a sum of money for wearing dirty argyle socks for a week. Oh my God if that weren't enough this pathetic spineless loser wants to sleep with them so he is as close to Mistress as possible. He will become addicted to my socks. I am going to take all the money, I can from this spineless wimp. The sad thing is he knows he is already addicted to me. He can't help himself. He knows the more he buys from me the more they are going to cost him. He is so willingly deep into my web. I want him to crave the socks as much if not more than he craves to talk to me.

A real man who is anything but a spineless little pathetic loser would never be so sorry. I adore the fact he opens his wallet and pays me to be such a spineless little piggy. It is epic how such a loser exists. I can barely express the disgust in such a pathetic spineless loser he is. The king loser is meant to work and give his money to ME. I am meant to spend his hard earned money and laugh all the way to the bank. This slave is meant to be my spineless little wimpy loser. I AM far superior and deserve every penny plus more form him.

Anyways its losers like that that bring me the most satisfaction. Knowing i control their wallets and they so willingly give to me. Its Delicious and so Delightful.

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